Dynamic rays of bounded-type entire functions

With Günter Rottenfußer, Johannes Rückert and Dierk Schleicher.

Bibliographic data

Ann. of Math. 173 (2011), no. 1, 77-125. arxiv:0704.3213; published version.


  • In part (c) of the statement of Proposition 5.4, M should be M' (twice).
  • In the statement of Lemma 5.7 (Linear head-start is preserved by composition), "F_1 has bounded slope and all F_i satisfy uniform linear head-start conditions" should be replaced by "All F_i have bounded slope and satisfy uniform linear head-start conditions." The second paragraph of the proof should be replaced by the following:

By Proposition 5.4 (c), the first inequality must hold. It follows that G a satisfies a uniform linear head-start condition with constants K and M .

  • (Many thanks to Sebastian Vogel for pointing out this error.)